This page will show you how to pair your Bluefruit EZ-Key to a Mac OS X computer. Connecting to iOS is nearly identical.

You only have to pair once - after the EZ-Key is paired to a computer it will auto-connect from then on

We have never found a Mac without BT built in so lucky for you, no extra module is required!

Step 1. Power the Bluefruit EZ-Key and Press the Pair Button

The title of this step is pretty much what you have to do. Remember that you have solder the 0.1" headers to the module or at least solder wires to the Vin and Ground connections. Connect Vin to 3 to 16VDC (5V is ideal) and ground to the ground power wire.
You should see the red LED blink. Now press the mini button on the EZ Key for 5 seconds and release, this will erase any old pairing information and let you re-pair to your computer.

The red LED will now blink at a steady once-a-second.

Step 2. Pair Using MacOS Bluetooth Service

In the System Preferences, find the Bluetooth icon
Double-click to open, make sure Bluetooth is ON (some computers have it off, you must have BT on!) and click Set Up New Device
Let the assistant run for a minute until it locates and displays the EZ-Key module
Select it and click Continue
It'll take a minute for it to pair
That's it! If you get a pop-up asking you to configure the keyboard layout, just close or quit that window.
You can now see that the EZ-Key is paired and connected.

This guide was first published on Sep 27, 2013. It was last updated on Sep 27, 2013.

This page (Mac) was last updated on Sep 27, 2013.

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