What is the current draw for Bluefruit?
Bluefruit requires ~3VDC, there's an onboard regulator for providing nice clean power. It draws 25mA at all times while paired and an extra 2mA on average during transmission

When the module is in Reset mode (Reset tied low) it draws 2-3mA quiescent.
What is the latency ("fly time") for the 12 GPIO buttons?
For Bluefruit v1.0, latency is about 100-120ms. For v1.1 and later (October 22, 2013) latency is 25-35ms. There is some 'jitter' in the latency but we find its not that noticeable.
Is it possible to firmware update Bluefruits?
There is no way to re-program or update Bluefruit modules internal firmware - the key remapping is changing the EEPROM data, not the program storage.
How come the EZ-Key can be sluggish on Android?
There's some issues with Android 4.1 thru 4.4 that cause Bluetooth to act odd due to WiFi interference. Try turning off WiFi to see if that helps. [check this post for details!]

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