STEMMA / Grove comparison

Grove is SeeedStudio's plug and play system, its the oldest/most established, initiated in 2010 as 'stem/twig' and then renamed Grove. There's only one type of cable and 4-pin connector, but it can have I2C/analog/digital/whatever on the cable. The connector is an HY style made by Zhejiang Deli Connector Company (ZJDLL).


  • STEMMA 4-pin cables are electrically cross-compatible with Grove parts, but the connectors are not the same. Some Grove connectors have protruding snap "buckles" and some don't. The non-buckle versions will plug into STEMMA, but check the orientation carefully.
  • STEMMA uses the same voltage as Grove - power is 3-5VDC and data is 3-5VDC with level shifting/regulators on devices.


  • Some Grove devices use 4-pin connectors for non-I2C analog or digital data. STEMMA only uses I2C for the 4-pin connectors. You cannot use Grove analog/digital parts with STEMMA boards, stick to the I2C ones only!

To the left you can see two different Grove devices. The longer one to the left is a I2C device, you can see it has SCL/SDA marked next to the connector, and is compatible with STEMMA. The one to the right has SIG marked next to the connector, and is not compatible because its analog output, not I2C!


Below you can see the Grove cables with no buckles. Even though these are not JST PH they will fit into STEMMA 4-pin connectors.

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