Since the BLEFriend board uses UART for the data transport, you will need to configure your favorite terminal emulator software with the appropriate settings to send or receive data over UART.

The BLEFriend is configured to run with the following settings:

  • 9600 bps
  • HW flow control (CTS+RTS)
  • 8n1 (8-bit data, no parity, 1 stop bit)

TerraTerm (Windows)

If you are using Windows we recommend using TeraTerm, which should be configured as follows (via the 'Setup > Serial Port' menu):

CoolTerm (OS X)

If you are using OS X, we recommend using CoolTerm, a free and reasonably fully featured terminal emulator package.

You'll need to set the following configuration options in Coolterm to communicate with the Bluefruit LE Pro module:

Make sure you click the 'Connect' button to open the connection in CoolTerm, and 'Disconnect' to close the connection when you are done.

Testing the Terminal Config

To make sure the connection is properly configured, you can set the device in Command Mode (the LED should blink three times followed by a short delay in this mode), and enter the ATI command, as shown below (which will provide some basic information about the BLE module):

Make sure you are in CMD mode or you won't get any echo or AT command replies!

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