• If using the Arduino Ethernet (board, not shield), gently remove the 6-pin 90-degree male programming header from its socket.
  • If using the Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield, remove the Ethernet Shield if it's currently installed.
  • Peel the backing paper off the acrylic parts. This may create a static charge, so building the kit with a grounding mat or wrist strap is recommended.
  • If using Ethernet Shield, there's an extra cutout on the back piece of the acrylic case that can be snapped off using finger pressure or pliers. If sharp points remain, trim with wire cutters or a file. If using the Arduino Ethernet, leave this cutout in place.

  • Note the unique Ethernet MAC address on the board — usually a white sticker on the bottom. You will need this later, so write it down or snap a photo.

Don't forget to peel the paper off the backing of the acrylic pieces before fitting them together

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