Clean off your work space and turn your bag inside out. Arrange the components on your bag to get an idea of where you'd like to position everything, referring to the circuit diagram.
Thread a needle with conductive thread and stitch around GND on GEMMA. Tie a knot and continue stitching toward the first sequin. Stitch around its negative pad (marked "-") a few times, then continue down the line, stitching to each sequin.

Tie a knot at the last pixel (we chose pink for extra flair), and cut the thread tail long.
Repeat the last step on the other side of the pixels, stitching them all to D2 on GEMMA.
Pull your thread tails taught and dab on a small amount of clear nail polish-- it should only touch the knot, not the pads of GEMMA or the sequins.

For more tips on working with conductive thread, check out our Conductive Thread guide.

When dry, snip the thread tails short.

Double check you don't have any rogue bits of thread hanging out anywhere, and that any stray bits have been cleaned up. 

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