This map of NYC, courtesy of the New York Public Library, shows a large section of NYC is great detail, with helpful neighborhood indicators. 

Print out the PDF below, or use another map as per the goals of your specific project.

A good foundation is always important at the start of a project. Begin by glueing the printed map onto a piece of scrap cardboard. 

As with all cutting instruments, take care and an older person should assist a younger person with sharp objects.

Cut around the outline of the map.


Use scissors or a hobby knife to do this.

Mark some locations on the map which you would like to highlight.

There are seven available capacitive touch pads on the Circuit Playground Express (the eighth analog pad, A0, is used for audio output).

This provides you with seven possible locations on your map to highlight.

Electric Paint

Once you've chosen your locations, you can use Bare Conductive's electric paint to draw connections to the capacitive touch pads on Circuit Playground Express.

No Overlapping Lines

Think carefully about where you position the board on the map so that you can connect all the point on your map to it without any of them overlapping.

The lines don't have to be perfect, as long as they don't cross!

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