For this map, we've chosen an assortment of music clips that are tied to specific locations around the city.

  1. Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. - Stapleton, Staten Island
  2. Woody Guthrie - This Land is Your Land - 3520 Mermaid Ave. Coney Island
  3. Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind - 560 State St. Brooklyn, NY
  4. Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize - 226 St. James Pl. Brooklyn, NY
  5. Frank Sinatra - My Way - 417 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
  6. John Lennon - Strawberry Fields - The Dakota 1 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023 
  7. Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World - 34-56 107th St, Corona, NY 11368

For all of these artists, the locations chosen for this project played an important role in their life, either as a place of residence, childhood home, or a location mentioned in their lyrics.

Choose your own

You can adapt existing audio files from your computer for use in this project, or audio clips can be downloaded from sites like or

You will need to convert the files to the appropriate format for microcontroller use. See this guide on how to convert audio files

Your audio files must be named 01.wav02.wav, etc. so all filenames are two digits. 

No Mix & Match on mono and stereo files

Make sure your audio files are exported as 16-bit PCM WAV at 22,050 Hz and they are all Stereo or all Mono -no mix and match!

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