If you already have a box, you can skip these steps.


Step 1: Take the template papers you cut out and tape them together, so that it would look like one image (shown on the right). Then cut it out.

Step 2: Place your template on some cardboard and cut out the shape. First, score the cuts, then remove the paper, and make the scores deeper.

Step 3: Turn the cardboard over and score, which is cutting halfway through the cardboard, the folds (marked with - - - - on the template).

Step 4: Take your Hot Glue Gun and glue the sides of your box together, as seen in the gif on the right. (You may have to click the image to see it.

Step 5: Cut out the template for the box top. Once again, ignore the flaps.

Step 6: Cut along the template you made on the cardboard.

Step 7: Score the folds like you did a few steps ago. Remember that the side you score on will be the outside of the box.

Step 8: Glue the edges of the box together. This can be hard, so you may want to tape the parts together when it is drying.

Step 9: Paint your box a solid color. I chose dark grey because it would make the lights of the tree show up well.

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