Image half on the page, Adobe Illustrator

Printing the image is one of the hardest parts because the image would be resized when you print it, or it won't fit on the page you are using. To do this, I used Adobe Illustrator and put the image into 2 tabloid-sized documents.

Here is how:

  1. Open the PDF in preview or whatever you open the image. Take the two slides and drag each one to your desktop
  2. Open the box bottom template in Illustrator and select all. Then go to edit-copy, or use the copy keybind.
  3. Open a new page (Command/Control-N), and make sure it's size is tabloid. 
  4. Paste (Command/Control-V), and make sure that the image is half on the sheet, as shown above.
  5. Go to File-Print (Command/Control-P) and click Page Setup. It should take you to a new window. Change the print size to letter and click OK. Then press print.
  6. Repeat step 5, but with the box template on the other side.
  7. Open your box top template into an image editor (Not Adobe Illustrator, something like Preview). 
  8. Print it on to a tabloid-sized sheet of paper

Whew! complicated. 

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