Viewing data with Home Assistant 

From the Home Assistant sidebar, click Configuration

Then, click Integrations.



Scroll down to Set up a new integration, find ESPHome and click Configure 

Set the Host to the device_name you configured during the YAML configuration and set the Port to 6053 (default for ESPHomeYAML).

Home Assistant should attempt to connect to the Feather.

After connecting, the feather with BME280 will appear under Configured with three icons for the three types of data the BME280 sensor produces - humidity, pressure, and temperature.

Navigating to the Home page should bring up the dashboard with the BME280 temperature, pressure, and humidity displayed. 

Logging Sensor Data with Adafruit IO

Data from the Feather Huzzah sensor is also sent to Adafruit IO every updated_interval seconds.

You can view this data in real-time from the Adafruit IO monitor page:

You can also create an Adafruit IO Dashboard with line graphs to visualize the data from the sensor over multiple weeks.

Exporting Adafruit IO Data

If you would like to download all of the stored data from a feed (the BME280's temperature data, for example), you can do so by following this guide.

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