Now it's time to configure your board to enable the ROM bootloader, which is sometimes called the "serial downloader".  The RT series chips will start the USB ROM bootloader when certain 'strapping pins' are set on hardware boot.

On the MIMXRT1010-EVK board

  • Move jumper J1 to position 3-4 so that the board can be powered from USB port J9
  • Ensure jumper J27 is at position 2-3 so that reset switch SW9 resets the microcontroller. Use switch SW9 when the text below tells you to press reset.
  • Use connector J9 for your USB connections. Don't use connector J41, it's a debug connector.

For the RT1010-EVK development board, find switches SW8.3 and SW8.4 and switch them to the positions shown here.

For Metro M7 RT1011

There are two jumper switches on the front of the board. Make sure they look like this, with the B0 switch set to ON and the B1 switch set to OFF.

Find SE Blank RT Family

Once you've set the jumpers for your board, plug in the board with a USB cable. You cannot just press reset, do a full hardware reboot

Your computer should see a new USB device called SE Blank RT Family. Note, it is not a mountable USB device or COM port, and will not appear in the file browser.

In windows, we found it under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers

If not, check the switch positions & cables.

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