The firmware implements all of the standard features of a "smart" soldering iron, with lots of little extras and tweaks. 

To get started with IronOS firmware, please jump to the official Getting Started Guide. But the TL;DR is to press the A button to heat up. Use the B button to enter the settings menu. Long hold the B button in soldering mode to exit back to the start screen.

Menu System

This new firmware uses a new menu system to allow access to the settings on the device. When on the main screen and having the unit plugged in, the device shows a pair of prompts for the two most common operations.

  • Pressing the A button enters the soldering mode
  • Pressing the B button enters the settings menu
  • When not in soldering mode, holding down the A button will enter soldering temperature adjust mode (This is the same as the one in the soldering mode, but allows to adjust the temperature before heating up), in soldering mode however this will activate boost mode as long as you hold down the button.
  • Holding down the B button will show the debug menu. In soldering mode this ends the heating.

Operation details are over in the Menu information.


Besides providing control and menus for your hot plate, if you have compatible soldering gear, it provides a common user experience for all of your soldering devices!

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