The MPH30 "Mini Hot Plate Preheater with USB C Power Supply" is a tiny little bench buddy with a big heart ... I mean heater!

While the name suggests it is for pre-heating a PCB, it is very capable of performing solder paste reflow for both assembly and rework. The top surface isn't large - at just 31mm square - which makes is idea for localized PCB rework and reflow tasks.

If you are a fan of pencil-style solder irons like the TS80P "USB C Powered Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron" then you may know there is open source firmware called IronOS for it and many similar soldering irons such as the TS100, TS80, and the Pinecil.

IronOS has a great user interface, easy customization, and a very active developer community led by "Ralim" aka Ben Brown.

It turns out IronOS also supports the MHP30 hot plate!

The installation is very easy and the open source project has great instructions and a user guide. You can jump right in with the GitHub instructions which are covered in this guide with additional photos.

Video of mini hot plate preheater heating up. The OLED display on the preheater displays a rising temperature above 200ºC. A red LED flashes to white.
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