If you've found the Microsoft Windows (app) Store, you know how convenient it is. If you haven't used it yet, we'll show you how.

Click the Start button, lower left of the screen and find the Microsoft Store tile, a shopping bag with the Windows four pane logo on it. Clock the time.

If you don't see the icon, in the search bar at the bottom, type "Microsoft Store" and it should be a top result.

The Microsoft Store window will pop up similar to the one at left.

Click Search then type "Windows Terminal". Windows Terminal Preview should be the first one, select that.

The app window shown at the top of this guide page will pop up. 

The app is free. Click the Get button - unless you have a "See System Requirements" link below the Get button - it's likely you need to upgrade WIndows 10 as shown on the previous page of this guide.


This guide was first published on Jun 25, 2019. It was last updated on Jun 25, 2019.

This page (The Windows Terminal App) was last updated on Jun 25, 2019.

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