There are four tutorial programs included with the Adafruit_CircuitPlayground library. You can find them in the "examples" folder in that library. The programs are called:

  • Infrared_Read -- reads the signal from infrared remote and attempts to decode it.
  • Infrared_NeoPixel -- control the pattern and color of the NeoPixels on your Circuit Playground Express using a remote control.
  • Infrared_Send -- sends an IR signal when you push the user buttons
  • Infrared_Record -- reads an IR signal and remembers it. Then when you push a button on the Circuit Playground Express it will retransmit that signal.
  • Infrared_Testpattern -- send a test signal to another Circuit Playground Express or Arduino to test all supported protocols.

To use these programs you will need an infrared remote. Some of the examples were written using the Adafruit Mini Remote shown below but you can use any IR remote by substituting the proper codes. We will show you how to do that.

Mini Remote Control with 21 buttons
This little remote control would be handy for controlling a robot or other project from across the room. It has 21 buttons and a layout we thought was handy: directional buttons and...

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