In this example we will both receive and send IR signals in the same program. You will point your remote at the Circuit Playground Express and press a button. It will record the signal and then when you press the left button on the Circuit Playground Express it will re-transmit it. You can find example program in Adafruit_CircuitPlayground/examples/Infrared_Record. Here is the listing.

/* Infrared_Record.ino Example sketch for IRLib2 and Circuit Playground Express
   Illustrates how to receive an IR signal, decode and save it.
   Then retransmit it whenever you push the left pushbutton.
#include <Adafruit_CircuitPlayground.h>

  #error "Infrared support is only for the Circuit Playground Express, it doesn't work with the Classic version"

/* IR signals consist of a protocol number, a value, and a number of bits.
 *  Store all of these values for future use.
uint8_t IR_protocol;
uint32_t IR_value;
uint16_t IR_bits;

void setup() {
  while (!Serial);
  Serial.println("Send an IR signal and I will record it.");
  Serial.println("Press the left button and we will retransmit it.");

  CircuitPlayground.irReceiver.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
  IR_protocol=0; //  Indicates we've not received a code yet

void loop() {
  /*  Receiver will look for a signal and when wa complete frame of data
   *   has been received, getResults() returns true. Once that happens,
   *   the receiver stops reccording  so you will need to restart it
   *   after you have processed the data.
  if(CircuitPlayground.irReceiver.getResults()) {
    //attempt to decode it
    if(CircuitPlayground.irDecoder.decode()) {
        Serial.println("IR decoded");
        //Print the results.  Change parameter to "true" for verbose output.
        Serial.println("Saving results. Press left button to retransmit.");
        IR_value= CircuitPlayground.irDecoder.value;
        IR_bits= CircuitPlayground.irDecoder.bits;
    CircuitPlayground.irReceiver.enableIRIn();      //Restart receiver

  /* If the left button is pressed and we have received a code
   * retransmit it using the sender.
  if (CircuitPlayground.leftButton()) {
    Serial.println("Left button pressed!");
    if(IR_protocol) {
      CircuitPlayground.irSend.send(IR_protocol, IR_value, IR_bits);
      Serial.println("Sending recorded IR signal");
      Serial.print("Protocol:"); Serial.print(IR_protocol,DEC);
      Serial.print("  Value:0x");  Serial.print(IR_value,HEX);
      Serial.print("  Bits:"); Serial.println(IR_bits,DEC);
    } else {
      Serial.println("No signal saved yet.");

The program loop looks for an IR signal and when it finds one that it can decode it records the protocol, data value, and number of bits. Then if you push the left button it checks to see if a code has been received and if it has it uses the send method to retransmit it.

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