Lipo Backpack with Switch

The slide switch is wired to the ItsyBitsy Lipo backpack with two wired connections.

Wire for Switch

Using the 10-wire ribbon cable, cut a piece for the switch. A length of 48mm (1.89in) is suffice. Peel apart the ribbon cable for a 2-wire piece of wire. Using wire strippers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips. Tin the tips by adding a bit of solder. This will help to prevent the strands of wire from fraying.

Switch Wire

The 2-wire cable piece is connected to the middle pin and either the far left or right pin. Third helping hands can assist by soldering the switch in place while soldering.

Cut Trace

The pins on the Trinket/ItsyBitsy Lipo Backpack need to be cut in order to enable on/off switch functionality. Use diagonal flush snips to cut the trace circled in red. Use the mounting hole as an anchor. 

Solder Switch to Lipo Backpack

Connect the wires from the slide switch to the two pins on the Lipo backpack by soldering them in place. Third helping hands can help keep the switch in place while soldering.

Wired Switch

Double check the wires and ensure the solder joints are solid. 

This guide was first published on Jan 21, 2020. It was last updated on Apr 15, 2024.

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