NeoPixel Strip Length

Remove the mini skinny NeoPixel strip from the reel. For this project, a strip of 44 LEDs (or a length of 305mm / 12in) is needed to cover the outside diameter of the acrylic disk.

Cut NeoPixel Strip

Individually count the LEDs on the strip so there are 44. Double check the number of pixels is correct. Cut the NeoPixel strip in between the solder pads. Remove the pre-soldered wires from the beginning of the strip by cutting it off with wire cutters. 

NeoPixel Wire

A 3-wire ribbon cable is wired to the first pixel on the strip. The wire length measures to 120mm (4.72in). Measure and cut a piece of cable from the 10-wire ribbon cable.

Wire Tinning

Using wire strippers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips of each wire. Tin the exposed wires by adding a bit of solder. This will help to prevent the strands of wire from fraying. A set of third helping hands can help keep the wire in place while soldering.

Wire Strip

Tin the solder pads on the first NeoPixel by adding a bit of solder. Attach the 3-wire ribbon cable to the first NeoPixel. Double check the wire is connecting to the Data In (DI), Ground (G) and Voltage (+) pads. Third helping hands can help keep the strip in place while soldering.

Wired Strip

Double check the solder joints are solid and the connections are made on the first NeoPixel.

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