Wires for Lipo Backpack

The Lipo Backpack is connected to the ItsyBitsy with 3-wired connections. Using the 10-wire ribbon cable, cut a piece so it's 48mm (1.89in) in length. Peel apart the ribbon cable for a 3-wire piece of cable. Using wire strippers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips. Tin the tips by adding a bit of solder. This will help to prevent the strands of wire from fraying.

Wiring Lipo Backpack

Solder the 3-wire cable to the BAT, G and USB pins on the Lipo Backpack.

Connect Lipo Backpack to ItsyBitsy

The Lipo Backpack is connected to the ItsyBitsy.

Solder Wires to ItsyBitsy

Make the following connections to connect the Lipo Backpack to the ItsyBitsy. 

  • BAT from Lipo Backpack to BAT on ItsyBitsy
  • Ground from Lipo Backpack to Ground on ItsyBitsy
  • 5V from Lipo Backpack to USB on ItsyBitsy

Wired ItsyBitsy and Lipo Backpack

Double check the wiring and ensure the solder joints are solid.

Test Lipo Backpack and Battery

Plug the 500mAh battery into the battery port on the Lipo Backpack. Use the slide switch to power on the circuit.

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