Wiring the NeoPixel Strip to the ItsyBitsy

The NeoPixel strip is now ready to be connected to the ItsyBitsy.

Solder Wires to the ItsyBitsy

The 3-wires from the strip are soldered to the pins on the bottom of the ItsyBitsy. This allows the single ground pin to be shared across the strip and Lipo backpack. Solder the following connections:

  • Ground(-) from Strip to Ground on ItsyBitsy
  • Data Out(DO) from Strip to 5! on ItsyBitsy
  • Voltage+ from Strip to Vhi on ItsyBitsy

Testing NeoPixel Strip

Test out the the strip by turning on the circuit using the slide switch. 

This guide was first published on Jan 21, 2020. It was last updated on May 24, 2024.

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