Acrylic Disc

The acrylic discs come in different diameters and thickness. The enclosure was designed for a specific size.

  • 4in Diameter (101.6mm)
  • 1/8in Thick (3.17mm)

Mirror Film

This one-way mirror film comes in a roll in different sizes. It comes with a box cutter and a squeegee tool for applying the film. I used the following roll size:

  • 12in x  24ft

Cut Roll of Film

Start by laying out a sheet from the roll onto a cutting mat. I used a T-square ruler to guide the blade while cutting a sheet from the roll.

Take extreme caution when using a sharp tool!

Trim Pieces of Film

I placed the acrylic disc over the sheet to gauge how large the piece needs to be. You'll want to add a bit of extra space around the edges so the acrylic has total coverage.

Pieces of Film

I suggest cutting out several pieces. You'll want to have extra pieces in case one of them gets messed up while applying.

Serving Tray and Gloves

I suggest using a serving tray to catch the soapy water so your work surface doesn't get wet. Gloves will help to prevent getting smudges and fingerprints on the acrylic or film.

Peel Corners with Tape

The film has a protective backing that needs to be removed. Adding pieces of tape to the corners can help you peel apart the two layers.

Peel Acrylic Backings

These acrylic discs have backings on both sides so you’ll need to remove those as well.

Wet Acrylic

The roll of film has instructions for applying the film to windows (acrylic in our case). The directions say to use soapy water. I filled an empty spray bottle with 16oz of water and 6 drops of liquid hand soap. Spray the acrylic disc so the surface is has been fully wet.

Wet Film

The sticky side of the film also needs to be wet so spray it down and made sure to get total coverage. The trick is to use lots of soapy water so the two surfaces can adhere smoothly.

Place Film onto Acrylic

Place the film over the acrylic and try to get it in the center. Lay the film on top and press down. You can shift it into place if you need to.

Squeegee Wet Film

I used the squeegee that came with the film and rinsed out all of the water and air bubbles.

Soak Up Water

The serving tray should catch most of the water. I made sure to use plenty of paper towels to soak it all up.

Squeegee Film Dry

Squeegee the film until all of the soapy water has either been wiped away or dried out. You'll want to start from the center and wipe out towards to the edges.

Dry Acrylic Film

Once the application looks good, make sure to let the film dry several  minutes before trimming the excess. The edges take a bit of time to fully dry.

Trim Excess Film

I flipped it over and used a box cutter to trim along the edge on the outside. You’ll want to be super careful not to scratch up the surface while doing this.

The acrylic disc only needs one side of the mirrored film.

Rinse and Repeat!

This took me several times to get right, so it takes a bit of effort to get a nice finish. With some practice and patience, we were able to get these two pieces.

If things don't look as good as you'd like, you can always peel off the film and try again!

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