The OpenAI platform is managed by OpenAI and changes at their discretion, and so the details may be slightly different from what is documented here.

In your web browser, visit

Click the "sign up" link. Then, you can use your e-mail to sign up, or an existing Google or Microsoft account.

OpenAI may require additional steps such as e-mail or phone verification before you can log in to your account.

Once you have completed the verification process and logged in, you will next create an API key. Use the menu in the far upper right corner (probably labeled "Personal") and then select "View API Keys".

Then, create a fresh API key by clicking "Create new secret key".

Save this secret key in the file settings.toml on the CIRCUITPY drive in a line that looks like


This file also requires your WiFI credentials, see the next page of the guide for the details.

At the time of writing, OpenAI provides a free credit with new accounts. After the free credit is used or expires, you'll need to enter a credit card in your billing information to keep using the service.

Using the project tends to cost a few cents per session at most, and it's easy to limit your monthly bill to a pre-set amount such as $8.00.

To set a hard usage limit per month, visit the "Usage Limits" section of the OpenAI website.

For projects that use more advanced features of the API, like vision, you'll need to enter a credit card so that your account is not on the free tier despite the free credit.

This graph shows the author's usage costs while developing and playtesting an app, a total of $1.27 in API calls.

This guide was first published on Mar 10, 2023. It was last updated on Jun 19, 2024.

This page (Create an account with OpenAI) was last updated on Mar 15, 2024.

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