This project has only been tested with a QT Py ESP32-S3. Other boards may not work as expected.

The Ikea Vindriktning is a small and affordable air quality monitor that measures PM2.5 particulates for an AQI reading. The light bar on the front changes from green, yellow or red depending on the reading. It's a fun little device, but it would be great to make it internet of things (IoT) capable and this guide will show you how to do just that.

You'll add a QT Py ESP32-S3 running CircuitPython to read the data from the PM1006 sensor inside the Vindriktning and log the data to Adafruit IO. You'll also set up an Action alert to know when the air quality becomes unhealthy.

This Ikea hack is non-destructive to the electronics inside the Vindriktning. You'll solder to three already exposed test points. The LEDs on the PCB will continue to light up depending on the value from the PM1006 sensor.

The QT Py is able to be powered by the USB C port in the Vindriktning through its battery pads on the bottom of the board. The PM1006 sends data over UART, which is read through the RX pin on the QT Py.


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The ESP32-S3 has arrived in QT Py format - and what a great way to get started with this powerful new chip from Espressif! With dual 240 MHz cores, WiFi and BLE support, and native...
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Optional - Adafruit IO+

This project can utilize the free tier of Adafruit IO. However, if you would like to set up text alert actions as described later in the guide you will need an IO+ subscription.

Text image that reads "IO+"
The all-in-one Internet of Things service from Adafruit you know and love is now even better with IO+. The 'plus' stands for MORE STUFF! More feeds, dashboards,...
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