Use an iBook as an iPad case!


You can retrofit an iBook G3 with an iPad Pro using 3D printing and parts from Adafruit.

Relive the retro days with this case for an iPad. Upcycle an old iBook and use shell to hold a keyboard and trackpad and an 11" iPad.

3D printed inserts make a non destructive build that allow you to easy remove the iPad and keyboard.

The project is a simplified build inspired by:

Frame Insert


The iPad can pop out thanks to the integrated cutouts designed into the 3D printed insert.

The printed display frame features indents for power and volume buttons with enough space to fit adapters for the wireless keyboard. 

Keyboard insert 


A 3D printed tray houses the keyboard and is designed to snap fit into the iBook’s clamshell.

The keyboard insert press fits into the existing cutout. The insert allows the wireless keyboard sit flush inside the shell. 


Extra storage


Space under the keyboard can be used to add additional components like a Qi charger for a watch!

iBook Model


We found this model on eBay for $150.00 in July of 2022

The model listed is: iBook G3/300 (Original/Clamshell) M7707LL/A

Apple Device Identifier: m2453

We didn't need a working model just the shell!


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Get the appropriate USB cable depending on your charging end:

1 x USB C to USB C Cable
One meter long
1 x USB A to USB-C Cable
One meter long

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