The IS31FL3731 has a lot of pins, and we wanted to make it easy to use with a breadboard while sandwiched with an LED matrix. The easiest way we could figure out to do this is make the board as large as our 0603-LED 16x9 matrix grids and have a control header on one edge. That way you can solder the two long headers directly to the matrix and still have access to pins for power and data.

Power Pins

You can power the IS31 from 2.7-5.5VDC, but note that the same voltage is used for both power and logic.

If you are using a 5V logic device, just connect VCC to 5V.

If you are using a 3.3V logic, you can either power with 3.3V, which will work fine for red, yellow or light green LEDs or you can power from 5V and then use ~2.2K resistors from SDA and SCL to 3.3V to 'overpower' the built in 20K pullup resistors.

I2C Data Pins

This chip uses I2C for control, it does not use clock stretching or repeated start. There are built in 20K pullups to VCC. You can run it as fast as 400KHz clock speed, but you may need to add additional 2K pullups from SDA and SCL up to VCC for higher speeds

  • SDA - I2C data line, connect to your microcontroller's I2C SDA pin
  • SCL - I2C clock line, connect to your microcontroller's I2C SCL pin

Other Control Pins

  • SD - Shutdown pin, default pulled up to VCC. Connect to ground to put the chip in shutdown mode
  • AUD - Audio input, can be used to modulate the entire display with the amplitude of a line level audio signal, has a series capacitor installed.
  • ADDR and jumpers - By default the address is 0x74 but you can close one of the jumpers to change the address for up to 4 devices with varying addresses
  • INTB - Output interrupt from chip when using the built in animation modes

LED Grid

The LED Grid is much simpler, it just has 2 charlieplex grids, 16x9 total 0603 LEDs, with the two grids broken out to side pins that line up with the driver

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