The lasercut enclosure consists of two laser-cut pieces of acrylic held together by screws. The vector files are available from the Github repository or you can download them here:

The enclosure can be put together with some 2-56 machine screws and hex nuts:

  • 3 x 1" 2-56 screws
  • 1 x 3/4" 2-56 screw
  • 2 x 1/4" 2-56 screw
  • 15 x 2-56 hex nuts
  • 2 x 3/16" nylon spacers 

Start by removing the protective sticker from the OLED breakout. Place it into the laser-cut acrylic piece with the corresponding hole or window. Notice the small notch which corresponds to the OLED ribbon connector. It can help at this point to remove the double-stick tape affixing the OLED to the breakout PCB in order to get things lined up well.

Start by putting a 1" screw through the top left hole (if the screen is facing you). This screw will go through all three breakout boards, lining them all up! Start by putting two hex nuts between the the OLED breakout and the Huzzah breakout and putting the screw all the way through. Don't overtighten though!

Add a 3/16" nylon spacer and hex nut at the end.

Place the 3/4" screw into the top right hole of the Huzzah breakout. You might need to angle this in to get past the OLED breakout. Tighten down with a hex nut. 

Place the 1/4" screw through the top right hole of the acrylic and secure it on the other side of the OLED breakout with a hex nut. This can be a bit tricky- you may have to hold the hex nut in place with needle-nose pliers while you tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

Add a nylon space and hex nut to the 3/4" screw.

Attach the microUSB breakout to the other piece of lasercut acrylic. Use a 1/4" screw and hex nut to fix the left hole of the breakout to the acrylic on the side with the cutout notch. The cutout notch is there to allow a microUSB cable to connect.

Place the other hole of the microUSB breakout through the 1" screw and secure with a hexnut. You can also secure the other side of the acrylic with a hex nut.

Now for the easy part! You just need to add the bottom two screw. The spacing can be set using three hex nuts here.

Add another 1" screw on the other side and do the same with 3 more hex nuts.

You're done with the enclosure! 

Attach a microUSB cable to a computer or 5V power adapter and power it up!

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