This version of the jar monitor is still in the prototype stage with a hand-wired version glued onto a 3D printed lid for a large mouth mason jar.

The Jar Minder prototype mounted on the printed jar lid.

The jar lid is based on which is for a small sized mason jar. It was scaled on the X and Y axies to 123% to fit the larger size jars.

Closeups, including with the display removed.

For the unassembled prototype, nylon standoffs were superglued to the lid upon which the main board is mounted. Standoffs were bolted to the board, glue applied to their other ends, and the assembly positioned and left to set.

Point-to-point wiring was used, and everything was mounted to a piece of perf-board.  The LED and potentiometer traces on the underside of the TPL5111 breakout were cut to disable the LED and allow the use of an external, fixed timing resistor which can be seen along with the DONE capacitor.

The wire below was used to connect the sensor to the Feather.

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