This Crankshaft Kit contains only the essential components you need to build your own Humble Velocipede.

Crankshaft kits are available for purchase here

Ligament kits are also available for purchase here

CRANKSHAFT (x1)- The crankshaft is made from a single steel rod bent into a resilient core which is responsible for coordinating the movement of all the legs. The crankshaft is normally partially obscured by ligaments in an assembled model, but is also a beautiful object all on its own.

HIP SHAFTS (x2) - The hip shafts act as pivot points for all the legs and are made from hardened steel that will hold up to extensive use over time.

JOINT PINS (x40) - These pins act as joints for the machine, providing strong and low-friction connection points between the ligaments and the legs. Each kit comes with a couple extras thrown in just in case. 

By the numbers

One Humble Velocipede consists of 86 printed parts and 43 non-printed parts for a total of 129 individual parts. The rigid skeleton that holds the machine together is composed of 9 elements, while the other 120 parts form the legs and walking mechanism, all driven by the central crankshaft. Of the printed parts, there are 9 unique shapes that, when assembled, form 61 moving pieces.  

But that's enough of that, let's get to printing!

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