The assembly process is broken down into ten phases, shown here in ten animated GIFs. 

Scroll further down for detailed step-by-step instructions. 

Phase 1 


Phase 2 

First set of legs

Phase 3

Second set of legs

Phase 4

Add second breastplate

Phase 5

Add third set of legs

Phase 6

Add the next breastplate and fourth set of legs

Phase 7

Add final breastplate and fifth set of legs

Phase 8

Start adding shins

Phase 9

Add the rest of the shins

Phase 10

Finish by adding endplates and top bar

Detailed Instructions

Phase 1 - Step by step

To begin assembling, first find the crankshaft and thread it onto one of the plates.  

Insert the two hipshafts into the two small holes in the plate and lay it on its back, point facing down.

Next, grab a ligament and thread it onto the crankshaft. Make sure the indent is facing outwards, away from the breastplate.

Grab a thigh assembly (thigh + MCL + ACL) and thread the ligament onto the crankshaft, also keeping the indent facing outwards.

Once this is in place, push the hipshaft into the thigh, but before going all the way through, place a tendon into the gap in the thigh assembly. Now pass the hipshaft through the assembled parts.

Thread the next thigh assembly on, this time reversing its orientation so the indents of both of their ligaments face each other. Then place a tendon into the thigh and pass the hipshaft through, as before.

Congratulations! The first stage is complete. From here on out, the assembly process will be quite simple.

To continue the assembly, slide the hipshafts almost all the way through the plate, so about 1/2” are still poking out.

Phase 2 - Step by step

Now thread a ligament all the way down the crankshaft, being mindful that it’s oriented so the indented side faces away from the first breastplate.

Repeat the process of adding ligaments, thighs, tendons, and plates.

Continue to slide the hip shafts forward as more parts are added.

Phase 2 complete!

Phase 3 - Step by step

Add another plate by threading it onto the crankshaft, carefully guiding it around corners.

This is a delicate dance.

By now your machine should be beginning to take shape and you should be getting the hang of the assembly process. 


Phase 4 - Step by step

Thread on another plate.

Phase 5 - Step by step

Once all 10 thighs are in place, shins can begin to be added to complete all the legs. Find some shins!

Phase 6 - Step by step

  1. Take one pin and use it to hold the ligament and posterior tendon together. 
  2. Place a second pin into the top hole of the shin.
  3. Connect the pin to the anterior tendon (the one that’s part of the thigh assembly).
  4. Rotate the shin so that you’re able to press the pin holding the posterior tendon and ligament into the shin.
  5. Make sure that each shin that is added is oriented so that its large, flat side is facing outwards.
  6. Find the corresponding half of the shin and fit it onto the first half, matching up the pins with the holes and pressing the halves firmly together. One down, 9 more to go!
  7. After all the shins are on, take your Humble Velocipede for its first test walk. If there are any issues, now is the time to fix them. Check that everything is oriented correctly, and there are no places that catch and prevent the Humble Velocipede from walking smoothly.
  8. Once you are confident with your assembly, insert the top bar through the holes in the top of the breastplates. 
  9. After the top bar is centered so that the ends line up with the crankshaft and hipshafts, take your endplates and press them on.
  10. You’re finished! If you’d like to make your assembly a bit more permanent, add a small dab of super glue to the ends of the hipshafts before putting on the endplates. This should hold it together permanently. 

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