3D Parts GitHub Repo

Click the link below to launch the GitHub repository.

Folders & Files

Each model resides in a folder that is titled with the product ID. For example, the Adafruit Feather M4 Express is titled as 3857 Feather M4 Express

Click the title to go inside of the folder. Inside the directory are files in formats such as Fusion 360 (.f3d), STEP (.step) and STL (.stl). There's also either a GIF or JPG image that can be viewed by clicking on it.

Search & Browse

You can simply scroll through the list of parts to browse all of the available models.

Use the search feature in your web browse to search for specific files. Normally a keyboard short like command+F or control+F works. Type and enter the product ID or the name of the part to search.

STL Viewer

The Github website features a built-in viewer for STL files. Click on an STL file to view it in the web browser. 

Click and drag using the left mouse button to rotate around the model.

Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the model.

Use the bottom menu to switch between wireframe, surface angle and solid views.

Downloading Files

To download individual files, click on the your desired file format. Look for the download button in the upper right side of the title bar with the file size. 

Depending on the web browser, sometimes STEP files will be displayed as text file. If that happens, try right-clicking on the download button and select Save Link As.  

Request Parts

Use the issues tab to submit a parts request.

Click the New Issue button to create a new parts request.

In the title include the product ID and name. Write a short description if you'd like and the URL of the product.

Please be considerate when submitting a parts request. Thank you!

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