Please note the option to use SMS is no longer available. Please set up 2FA with Twilio Authy or the Google Authenticator App

At Adafruit, we highly encourage our community to enable two factor authentication to add a layer of security to your profile.  As mentioned before, Two-Factor Authentication is a two step process where step 1 is to login to your account with your username and password and step 2 is to provide a code that is obtained on a physical device you possess, either a phone, USB key, or other devices! 

This write up will show how to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) so you can receive a code to your cell phone via a text message.  You can also set the 2FA by using an app. That process is shown on the next page. 

Quick Start

Here is a quick overview of how to set up 2FA via SMS (text message):

  1. Login to your Adafruit Account
  2. Navigate to "My Account"
  3. Under "My Account" select "Security and Privacy"
  4. In "Security and Privacy" select "Edit two-factor authentication settings"
  5. Select the text under the QR code titled "Don't have a compatible device use SMS instead" 
  6. Enter your phone number
  7. Provide the code sent to you to enable 2FA
  8. Save the emergency code somewhere safe
  9. Verify 2FA is enabled

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 & 2. Login to your Adafruit Account & Navigate to "My Account"

Start by signing into an Adafruit account and navigating to "My Account" as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 3. Under "My Account" select "Security and Privacy"

The 2FA enabling setting can be found under the Security & Privacy settings in your account.

Continue by clicking on the "Security and Privacy" option highlighted in red

In Security and Privacy, notice the red letters stating 2FA is disabled. By default 2FA is disabled on every account. We will want to start the process to enable it and add a layer of security to the account. 

Step 4. Select "Edit two-factor authentication settings"

Continue by clicking in the text "Edit two-factor authentication settings" which is the second portion highlighted in yellow below: 

Continue by selecting "Click here to enable" to begin the 2FA set up process.

You will now see a QR code black and white image which may be scanned with the Google Authenticator App to obtain a code. However, for using SMS, we want to be sent a text with the code and not have to scan a QR code for the code. 

Step 5. Select "Don't have a compatible device use SMS instead" 

Continue by selecting the text under the QR code image which reads, "Don't have a compatible device use SMS instead." 

Step 6. Enter your phone number

You will be prompted for a mobile number to which an authentication code will always be texted to in order to successfully log you into your account each time. Make sure the mobile number you enter is a number to which you always have access to the physical device for, such as your cell phone.

International numbers can be entered selecting your country first.

Enter your phone number to be sent the confirmation code

Step 7. Provide the code sent to you to enable 2FA

After entering your mobile phone number, you will be sent a text message with an authentication code. You will need to enter in the authentication code prompt in order to turn on 2FA. 

Enter the code in the authentication code input box, which will look similar to the one highlighted in yellow

Step 8. Save The Emergency Code

After selecting Continue, you will be prompted to copy and save an emergency code which can be used in case your mobile device gets lost. With this, you can use the code one time to access your account.


Save the code and select "I have copied the code" to finalize the 2FA enabling process.

Step 9. Verify 2FA is Enabled

Checking back to the "Security and Privacy" settings you should now see 2FA is enabled in green letters. Congratulations, you have taken the step to add protection to your account!

2FA status should be enabled as shown in this image

Every time you log into your Adafruit account, you will be prompted to enter an authentication code, which will be sent to you via SMS automatically after you enter your username and password. 

This guide was first published on May 21, 2019. It was last updated on May 21, 2019.

This page (Using SMS (Text Message)) was last updated on May 18, 2019.

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