Proceed to the CONTACT page by scrolling to the bottom of and clicking CONTACT.
Enter in the required information (Full Name, Email Address, Confirm Email Address).

Then, in the Category scroll bar, select Cool thing for the Adafruit Blog!
Next, provide some information on your suggestion in the Contact Form.

Please provide a title, a URL, and a brief description.

To submit your blogtip, please select SEND NOW!

That's it. Once you've completed these steps, you've submitted your blogtip. If the Adafruit team has follow-up questions, we will contact you directly.

Please stay tuned to the Adafruit Blog.

This guide was first published on Aug 17, 2014. It was last updated on Aug 17, 2014.

This page (How to Send in a Tip) was last updated on Aug 06, 2014.

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