Resistration sign up is available at the FAA’s site:

You can register online or if you prefer, you can send in your form via snail mail but do it online only takes a couple of minutes.

We’ll start off by selecting your account type, either hobby or commercial.


Note that you’ll need to be 13 for recreational flying and 16 years or older for commercial flights. Fill in your info to create and verify your account.


After you verify via email you can complete your profile. 

Fill in all of the info to link the profile to your registration. 

You’ll be assigned a unique number that must be written on any quadcopter you fly. You will also need to register every three years to stay up to date.

Next we'll be asked to accept the rules for flying: 

  • Don't fly over 400 feet
  • fly within line of sight
  • don't fly over people, events or stadiums
  • never fly around emergencies like fires
  • ask permission from towers when flying close to airports
  •  never fly under the influence


Always use common sense when flying.

After you agree to follow the rules you’ll be prompted to pay.

You’ll receive a confirmation and be granted a registration number to add on your quadcopters.

Add the numbers to a visible part of your quad. You can also write the number inside of the battery slot if battery door doesn’t require any screws.


You’ll also receive a printable card you can carry around with you.



And thats it, super easy, just make sure to follow the rules by knowing where to fly.


To find out where you can safely fly, we can head over to to see a map of different airspaces.

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