ItsyBitsy M0/M4 Wiring

The ItsyBitsy has pins SWDIO and SWCLK broken out on the back edge of the board. You'll need a SWD cable breakout to connect the J-Link to an ItsyBitsy:

SWD (2x5 1.27mm) Cable Breakout Board

This adapter board is designed to make it easier to use ARM dev boards that use slimmer 2x5 (0.05"/1.27mm pitch) SWD cables for programming.  It's helpful for using...

ItsyBitsy Wiring

Make the following connections between the ItsyBitsy M0/M4 and the SWD Cable Breakout:

  • ItsyBitsy GND to Breakout GND
  • ItsyBitsy 3V to Breakout VRef
  • ItsyBitsy SWCLK to Breakout CLK
  • ItsyBitsy SWDIO to Breakout SWIO
You must also plug in a USB cable to the ItsyBitsy to power it during progamming
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