If you are only printing a single sided board, skip this step.
  1. Remove the black electrical tape from the top layer of the board.
  2. Drill small holes through the two to four alignment holes you added to your design in the previous step.  You will be feeding thumb tacks through these holes to easily align the top of your design with the already printed bottom.
  3. Sand the unprinted side with fine grained sand paper and rinse with dish soap and water.
  4. Place the sheet of parchment paper under the board and using thumb tacks, punch through the parchment paper and alighment holes.  The thumb part of the tack should be pressed against the parchment paper and the sharp end of the tack should be pointed up in the air through the board.  You will be using the thumb tacks as guides to align your top layer design.
  5. Print your top layer design with the mirror option enabled to a clean sheet of magazine paper.  Pre-punch holes in the magazine paper to be aligned with the thumb tacks later.
  6. Following the same procedure from the previous steps, place the board in the oven (with thumb tacks through the drilled holes).
  7. After the board is heated, remove from oven, place on ironing board, and use the thumb tacks to align and set your design on the board.
  8. Remove the thumb tacks by pulling the parchment away from the board.
  9. Using an iron, press the design into the copper clad as you did in the previous step.
  10. Move the copper clad to a cold water bath.
  11. Peal away the magazine paper and fill in any gaps with a sharpie as before.
  12. Cover the dissolved side of the board with black electrical tape and dissolve in the acid bath as before.  Once dissolved, remove the electrical tape.
  13. You should now have a double side board with ink trails over top of copper trails.

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