Adafruit is open, safely ... and shipping orders at this time! 

For more details about shipping, please see our shipping FAQ,

Adafruit was deemed an essential service to distribute/make some PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as face shields, and manufacturer electronics for essential life-saving/preserving equipment and development which is needed in New York and beyond.

Adafruit Industries located at 150 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013 by Executive Order 202.6, “Essential Business” by New York State:

We have a dedicated email address to contact us: [email protected]

Please only contact us for urgent and specific needs at this time. Please note we do not manufacture or own ventilators. For more info, see here:

Unsure if your order qualifies as essential? Please see the information below.

Your order qualifies as essential if you are working on direct efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. This can mean a number of things, as the struggle to contain and fight COVID-19, and treat those effected, are pervasive. Likely this means, your order:

  • Contains electronics, tools, or materials that will be used to manufacture PPE, or other medical supplies, for healthcare providers or government agencies working specifically to combat COVID-19
  • Is shipping directly to a doctor or medical/healthcare professional
  • Is shipping directly to an educator who is working to set up online learning for their classroom due to COVID-19 related school closures
  • Contains microelectronics/semi-conductors that will be used in essential manufacturing or research & development (e.g. food, health/ventilator, medical, safety, defense production)
Still unclear if your order qualifies? Email us directly at [email protected] before you place your order. Please include all pertinent information. We'll review your message and get back to you shortly.

Placing an essential order on our site is quick and easy. It's similar to placing a regular order on, with only two additional steps. 

Follow these steps to submit your order:

  • Place all items into your cart.
  • Click on the cart icon in the top right of the page to review your cart.
  • When you see your order contains everything you need, click Proceed to Checkout.
  • Proceed through checkout steps 1-4 as you normally would. Please double-check all contact, shipping, and payment information is correct.
  • Once you reach step 5, pause. This is the crucial step for submitting an essential order.
  • Read the instructions and check the relevant box.
  • When the text window appears, please describe how your order qualifies as essential.
  • Click Save & Continue, and on the next step, submit your order.
  • That's it! You're all set. Please make sure to review your order confirmation email to see all the details came through correctly. If you have any questions, shoot an email to [email protected] and our team will assist you shortly.
Oh no! I placed my order already and missed Step 5. What do I do? No worries. Email us at [email protected] with your order number and a description of how your qualifies as essential. We'll assist you shortly.

Thank you in advance for your important and essential work!

We'll do our best to get your order to you ASAP.

This guide was first published on Apr 01, 2020. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.