Upgrade Firmware

Let's get the PyPortal setup with latest firmware. The simplest way is to download the UF2 file from circuitpython.org and drop it on to the PORTALBOOT drive.

  • Plug in your PyPortal via a known good data+power USB cable.
  • Double press the reset button and wait for the NeoPixel to turn green.
  • The PORTALBOOT drive should show up on your computer. 
  • Download the UF2 file below and drop it onto the root of the PORTALBOOT drive. 

Loading GIFs

The drive will automatically reboot and load as a USB drive titled CIRCUITPY. Open the drive and create a new folder named gifs. Download our demo images and drop them into the gifs folder. 

Playing GIFs

Make sure you have added all of your desired gifs to the folders. After that, you will need to download the GIF_SERVO.UF2 file below. 

  • Double press the reset button and wait for the NeoPixel to turn green.
  • The PORTALBOOT drive will show up on your computer.
  • Upload the GIF_SERVO.UF2 file to the PORTALBOOT drive, making sure you rename the file to code.py.

GIF Configuration

The screen should turn blue with a dialog box and text. By default, the GIF player uses a configuration file that lets you specify how to play back the GIF. The configuration file can be optional, but if you'd like to use one use the link below to get it. It's not necessary, so press the TAP icon to proceed and play back your GIFs.

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