Prep Wires

I used two JST PH 3-Pin to Male Header Cables, one to solder to the PowerBoost and the other cables to connect the servo.

For the PowerBoost cable, we'll only need the red and black wire. I removed the third white wire. Trim and tin the ends of the red and black wires.

Solder PowerBoost

Solder the red wire to the + side and the black wire to the - side of the PowerBoost.


Prep Slide Switch 

We can add a slight bend to the slide switch pins so it can sit on the back of the through holes on the PowerBoost. I then trimmed off the third pin to easily fit it on the board. 

Solder Slide Switch

Tin the EN and GND on the PowerBoost and then solder the slide switch into place.


PyPortal Standoffs 

We'll need to elevate the PyPortal so it can sit over the PowerBoost and Battery. I used 8mm long nylon standoffs with 5mm M2.5 screws to the mounting tabs on the PyPortal.

Mount PowerBoost

Align the printed PyPortal mount to the reset button cutout. The PowerBoost mounts with the USB port pointing out so we can easily access it for charging the battery.

I used M2.5 5mm screws to mount the PowerBoost.

Mount Battery

Orient the battery so the wires can plug into the PowerBoost. Plug the battery into the Power Boost and the wire on the PowerBoost to the D4 port on the PyPortal. 

Mount PyPortal

Align the PyPortal with the printed mount and use four more M2.5 5mm screws to secure it to the mount.

Servo cable

Pass the JST cable for the servo through the printed mount and connect it to the D3 port on the PyPortal. 

Mount and connect servo

Align the servo with the wire cut out on the walls on the printed mount. 

Plug the male ends into the female ends of the servo. The white wire connects to the orange wire on the servo. Black connects to brown and red connect to the red wire on the servo.

Servo horn

The servo includes a circular horn that press fits into the servo. I wrapped the excess wires around the servo body.

Horn base

The circular servo horn is then press fitted into the larger printed circular base. 

Place Cover

To prevent light leaking on the sides of the PyPortal, we can place the front cover of the display.

Servo Speed 

If your servo has a Potentiometer, we can adjust the speed and direction with a screw driver.


Fit the prism in the center of the hologram graphics so the four quadrants align and reflections can project on each side of the prism.  


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