I like to use a victim PCB to make jigs - FR4 is strong and you already have a template. You'll also need some standoffs and some pogo pins.
The spring-loaded ('pogo') pins I prefer are about 0.5" long and have a spear point. They also fit snugly into 'standard' 0.035" (0.9mm) drill holes so they are easy to insert and stand up straight. We now carry these pogo pins in the Adafruit shop! They're called "P75-LM" type, you can also pick them up on ebay. I don't use the socket holders because - well - I dont. But if you're buidling something that will be used for a long time by clumsy people its probably a good idea.

See above for a handy reference diagram for the kinds of heads you can get!

This board already has 4 x 2-56 sized mounting holes so its easy to attach standoffs.

Choose the standoffs so that the tips of the pogo pins are above the standoff part but below the end of the screw.

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