If you want to change more than just a single sprite you will have to do some more shuffling around in the CHR bank.

Find some screen shots of the creation of "Impossible BurgerTime" below.

Find a link to the Piskel sprites here!

"Impossible BurgerTime" Mods

Changing Chef to Cow


  • Front idle
  • Walk down left
  • Walk down right


  • Back idle
  • Walk up left
  • Walk up right


  • Side walk

Attack (Throw Salt)

  • Front
  • Side
  • Back

("Dying" sprites not shown)

Ice Cream changed to Burger King Crown

Splash or Title Screen

  • Letters added / modified.
  • Impossible Flag added.
  • Cow added inside of "B".

Our new mods in action!

Can you change the enemies to something more creative? Enjoy and happy ROM hacking!

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