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First, proceed to Adafruit's Google Plus page here.

Next, locate the Show and Tell post. Add a comment to say you want to show off a project and we will add you to the "Show and Tell" circle.

We share the post on our Google Plus Company Page as well as on our Community Page. Comment on the Adafruit Google+ Company page. You'll need to add us to your Circles in order to comment.

We add you!

That's it! Once we see the comment, we add you!


Then what?

Then, just look for the hangout announcement on the very same page later for your invite. There's an 8 to 10 (at the same time) people limit per hangout. If it's full, try later or just pop by next week at the same time. Some weeks are packed! At 7:30pm ET you will see a link to the hang out. Have your project ready to show and keep your microphone muted until we call on you.

I'm not ready to share but would love to watch! What should I do?

For those who just want to watch, you'll be able to watch it live on Google+'s broadcast feature on Adafruit's page AND it is recorded and uploaded to YouTube automatically.

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