The PCB, or Printed Circuit Board, is where all the tester bits get placed and assembled. There are a couple of different options to consider here.

Option 1: Outsource the PCB

The first option would be to order the PCB through a manufacturer like OSH Park.

Just send them the files and they make and send you the PCB(s).

For the purposes of this guide we will be showing off mainly this method.

Option 2: Use a milling machine to mill your own PCB

Another option is use a desktop milling machine such as the Bantam Tools desktop CNC.

Outsourced PCB vs CNCed PCB

Option 3: The Proto Shield

The Arduino proto shield is a great option if you don't have the right files to send to a PCB manufacturer or you don't have access to a milling machine. 

Proto Shield PCB
Animation of an assembling and disassembling Adafruit Proto Shield for Arduino.
This prototyping shield is the best out there (well, we think so, at least), and now is even better with Version R3 - updated for the most compatibility with just...
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For mounting standoffs with this method, you will have to drill holes where you'd like the standoffs to go.

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