What about SPI or UART Components?

WipperSnapper does not currently support components that communicate over SPI or UART. It may in the future, though!

What about I2C components that I can control, like an OLED display

We have future plans for I2C output components - but they are currently not implemented in WipperSnapper.

What about an analog output like a PWM LED or a Servo?

WipperSnapper does not currently support analog output components. It only supports analog inputs.

I do not feel comfortable writing or editing C++ code but want an I2C sensor component added to WipperSnapper

You may request a component to be added to WipperSnapper by navigating to the WipperSnapper_Components GitHub page and filing a request for a component type. Please be descriptive as possible, and include any libraries/documentation/URLs you may have. Requests have no ETA regarding when they will be implemented into WipperSnapper.

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