My PR has been approved and merged, but my changes aren't showing up

It usually takes a few minutes for the pages to update.

I've waited more than a few minutes and they still aren't showing up

Very rarely, but on occasion, Github Pages runs into a problem and doesn't upload the changes. You can check this by going to, going to the Settings tab, if you have access, and scrolling down to the Github Pages section to check for an error.

Submitting a new PR will cause it to repair itself. If you want to submit an empty Pull Request (no changes), you can first create an empty commit with the following command:

git commit --allow-empty -m "Trigger GHPages Rebuild"

You can change the message to be whatever is appropriate. After that, submit a new Pull Request.

My changes were merged, but the image is wrong or missing

You will want to check that the image specified in your markdown file matches the image name and does not include a path.

Some of the images are right, but not all of them

First try refreshing the page in case the data is cached in your browser. If that doesn't work, make sure all of the image filenames match.

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