CircuitPython 4 release Poster featuring Nordic Semi
Sound the klaxons! We're pleased as punch to announce CircuitPython 4, the latest major revision which features support for the Nordic nRF52840 BLE...
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CircuitPython 3 release Poster
We're celebrating CircuitPython 3 in "software box art" style here. You may remember when software came in a box - now with download-only you probably...
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Human showing off cool Blinka snake tattoo on arm
From Ötzi the Iceman to Gucci Mane's ice cone face tat, tattooing has been a cultural practice for thousands of years. Whether it's in commemoration or self...
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Lifestyle image of a denim jacket on top of a white shirt showing off an enamel pin resembling a purple-and-pink python using a desktop computer.
You're a CircuitPython fan, right? Now you can show your colors proudly. If you're into skin art, we have Blinka as a
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Sticker showing a purple and pink animated python
Snuggle up a friendly snake when you learn Python with this "Blinka the CircuitPython" sticker....
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