Adafruit transmits all gift certificates via email in the format of the sample shown above.

If you receive an Adafruit Gift Certificate to your inbox, there are two ways two redeem it.

  1. Click and follow the link in the email sent to you.
  2. Redeem the gift certificate using the code included in the email.

Details below!

Click and follow the link in the email sent to you.

This will take you to the store's Redeem Gift Certificate page. You will then be requested to create an account. You must create an account before the Gift Certificate can be validated. Once the account is created, the GC will be placed in your Account ready for you to spend it on whatever you want.

Please note that in order to use a Gift Certificate, Adafruit Customers must create an Account on Gift Certificates can't be used during Guest Checkout.

Redeem the gift certificate during checkout using the code included in the email.

During Step 1 of the checkout process, there will be a box to enter a gift certificate or discount code. Enter the Code there and click Apply. The code will be validated and the amount added to your Gift Certificate Account. You can then use the amount to purchase any item from our store.

If the gift certificate has been successfully redeemed to your account, the amount will appear during Step 4 of the checkout process, Payment Information.

Please select SAVE AND CONTINUE and the amount will be applied to your order.

If you wish to use the gift certificate at another time, please change the amount in the box to the amount 0.00.
Please note, you will still have to select another payment method if there is not enough in your Gift Certificate Account to cover the cost of your purchase. If you have more funds in your Gift Certificate Account than the total cost of your purchase the balance will be left in your Gift Certificate Account for the future.

This guide was first published on Jul 26, 2014. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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