OK, a little more math. But don't worry, this is pretty much the same thing as the previous page, just with different values. There's our friend the right triangle shown again in the figure below. This time, we want to compute the HEIGHT. To do so, we use the tangent function and do a little rearranging. The resulting equation is shown below.

So all we need to know is the DISTANCE and the ANGLE and we can compute the HEIGHT. The figure below shows how this would work for measuring the height of a tree.

We will use the Circuit Playground to give us the ANGLE value. We will then use a calculator to compute the tangent of that angle. There are various ways to come up with the DISTANCE to the object, which you will see later in some example use cases.

Download and print the following worksheet to help guide you through the process. It also has the decoder ring for reading the angle value off the Circuit Playground.

Great! Now let's turn the Circuit Playground into an inclinometer.

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