This is a fun and simple beginner project that turns the Circuit Playground into an inclinometer. An inclinometer is a device that can determine the angle of something relative to the horizontal. With this information and some right angle math, the height of tall objects can be determined. Don't worry, all the math is provided and use of a calculator is allowed.

This guide will work with a Circuit Playground Express. However, the diagrams show the coordinate system of the Circuit Playground Classic.

Required Parts

This project uses the sensors already included on the Circuit Playground, either a Classic or an Express. The only additional items needed are batteries for power and a holder for the batteries.

Other Items

To build the inclinometer, you will need a few other items. A plastic tube is used to create a sight. This could be a drinking straw, the barrel of an old writing pen, or anything similar. Some rubber bands are used to hold the sight to the battery pack. Double backed tape provides a secure way of mounting the Circuit Playground to the battery pack.

  • Plastic straw or other tube
  • Rubber bands
  • Double backed tape

Before Starting

If you are new to the Circuit Playground, you may want to first read these overview guides.

Circuit Playground Classic

Circuit Playground Express

This guide was first published on Oct 25, 2016. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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