I adore most anything with LEDs, but found those store-bought icicle or meteor lights a bit lacking. Nature rarely moves in straight lines and perfect intervals! In this project we’ll make our own, applying some basic physics for an eye-catching drip effect. PLUS…these have a built-in magic trick, making a “splat” where they hit the ground!

This is a remix of an earlier project: the OOZE MASTER 3000 from Halloween…mostly it’s just larger now and uses different NeoPixel strips, and fits in a window rather than squeezing in a confined space. The code and principles are similar enough that you’d do well to skim that guide. Go ahead, I’ll wait here, then explain the differences when you get back…

The Halloween Ooze Master 3000 project was inspired by those unconvincing store-bought Christmas meteor lights, stepping it up with a bit of physics math to make the drips look “real.” Now we’ve gone full-circle and it’s a Christmas project again!

The same installation can do double-duty…set up for Halloween with a blood or ectoplasm color scheme, then afterward just update the code for a Christmas-like mood. Unless you’re a horrible person like me…

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